CRF Castle Rock Harvest Moon ++B *S
DOB 3/28/09 blue eyes

Sire: Rosasharn's TL Sitka Spruce ++B +*S
(ARMCH Rosasharn's Tiger L ++*S x ARMCH Rosasharn's UMT Sassafrass 5*D)
Dam: SGCH-MCH Castle Rock Once Ina Blue Moon 2*D
(PGCH The Promises Pay It Forward x Copper Penny Misty Blue *D AR 1963)

Harvey has turned out to be one of my very favorite bucks, and I am so glad to have retained him. His dam, Moon, was a wonderful little doe with a very well attached mammary system that was quite capacious- she made Top 10 for one day milk test as a second freshener, and at the time was a good three inches shorter than any other doe in the Top 10. Harvey isn't nearly as steep in the rump as he looks in this picture- he levels out very nicely on the move, and has very flat bone, nice spring of rib, and throws some gorgeous daughters. I have to say, it would be very tempting to keep him just on the basis of his personality, since he is incredibly sweet and very mellow. His dam was one leg short of being our second triple-finished champion and had nine best udder awards when we unexpectedly lost her just a few days before she was due to kid in 2010. I am really thankful to have kept this buck out of her to carry on in our herd. His kids, both in my herd and in the herds of others, have consistently shown very nice general appearance, being long bodied with flat bone. His daughters have had nice MSLs, teat placement, rear udder height, texture and attachment.

Harvey's daughters have done quite well in the show ring! Permanent Champion daughters include GCH Castle Rock Snownamie 2*M 4*D VEEE 90, CH Castle Rock Helen of Troy, CH Castle Rock Penny For Luck, GCH Castle Rock Ice Floe, GCH 3G Family Farm HM Peaches, and CH-ARMCH Castle Rock Sweet Heart.

SG Castle Rock Cleveland Sage +*B *S
DOB 2/05/11
2015 & 2016 Elite Sire List!

Sire: Castle Rock Tanzanite +*B *S
(CRF Castle Rock Guy Noir +B +S x SGCH Algedi Farm H Purple Rain 4*M 4*D VVEE 90)
Dam: SGCH-ARMCH CRF Castle Rock Alum Root 3*D VEEE 91
(Twin Creeks BW Montego Bay ++B ++*S x Castle Rock SnowFlurryCeanothus 2*D AR 1988)

Cleveland is a very exciting cross that brings together a combination of exceptional dairyness, udder structure and capacity. His dam has near ideal teat placement, with wonderful rear udder height, an exceptionally strong MSL, and wonderful overall structure. Even with the large kidding season we had, this boy stood out to just about everyone who came to the farm- he's very masculine and charismatic, while still being very friendly and quite dairy. Talk about friendly- when everyone else goes running to the food, this guy hangs back so he can have some one on one snuggle time, which is very sweet...but really stinky!

At the 2015 National Show, Cleveland was the sire of the second place Senior Get of Sire entry! Several of his daughters have earned Best in Show wins as juniors, including SGCH Castle Rock Breakin My Heart, GCH Castle Rock Nikita, SGCH Castle Rock River of Rain, and GCH Castle Rock Leucosia. Other finished daughters include: SGCH Castle Rock Moon Beam VEEE 90, SGCH Sierra Aspen Sky Pilot 2*M VEEE 90, CH Castle RockPolar Vortex, and SGCH Castle Rock Angelika VEEE 90.

Castle Rock Moon Raker
DOB 02/11/14

Sire: SG Castle Rock Cleveland Sage +*B *S
(Castle Rock Tanzanite *S x SGCH-ARMCH CRF Castle Rock Alum Root 1*M 3*D VEEE 91)
Dam: CH CRF Castle Rock Moon River 3*D
(Rosasharn's TL Sitka Spruce ++B +*S x SGCH-MCH Castle Rock Once Ina Blue Moon 2*D'VG')

Every year, we have a kid who really stands out to us and to farm visitors, and Moonraker was that kid in 2014 (as was his sire in 2011). He is a striking red and white with blue eyes, though it was his very sweet demenor and extreme handsomness (before we settled on his official name, he was referred to as "El Guapo") that really caught everyone's attention. I really admire the consistant udder corectness and structure I am seeing in my "Moon line", and am happy to add this River son to the buck pasture. He has a strong front end assembly, good spring of rib, width and depth of barrel, and walks on strong pasterns. He is a full brother to our SGCH Moon Beam EEEE 92, and his littermate sister, SGCH Castle Rock River of Rain, went Best Junior Doe in Show at just three months old.

Caprine Acres HS Cooper
DOB 02/14/15

Sire: Caprine Acres SG Hott Shott
(GCH AGS Brush Creek Smokin Gun +B x Kaapio Acres AD Hot Tamale)
Dam: CH Kaapio Acres AD Carina EEEE 92
(Rosasharn UP Andromida *B x AGS Kaapio Acre's RM Quasar)

We've been looking to mix up the gene pool here a bit, as we've done just about every combination of the bloodlines we already have here we can while still maintaining some genetic diversity. When the opportunity to obtain a Carina son presented itself, I realized he was potentially exactly what we were looking for. Then he arrived, and I was so happy to have him join the herd- excited enough that he is getting bred to several of our top does. Like his dam, he has beautiful blending and really nice general appearance, with dairy skin and a flat dairy bone pattern. This was the best picture I could get (he was flirting with a lady)- hopefully we'll get a better one eventually- he is so friendly that it is very difficult to get far enough away from him to get his whole body in the frame.

Camanna Jimson Weed
DOB 03//15

Sire: Old Mountain Farm Frankincense
(Old Mountain Farm Mithra +B x Old Mountain Farm Nilam Bukit 2*M)
Dam: CH Camanna CT Jocelyn
(Tahoma Citation x OTR Juniper's Guinevere)

I've been waiting for a while for a buck kid out of Jocelyn, and am very happy that he is here! Jocelyn is a lovely doe, who, according to her breeder, has persistant production, and "the highest rear udder attachment I have ever seen on a Nigerian". She has a lovely topline, and nice dairy character- something we are certainly seeing in her son here. We have high hopes that this guy will pass on his dairy character and his dam's lovely, well attached udder to his daughters.

Castle Rock Beam Me Up
DOB 3/22/16

Sire: Caprine Acres HS Cooper
(Caprine Acres SG Hott Shott x CH Kaapio Acres AD Carina EEEE 92)

Dam: SGCH Castle Rock Moon Beam EEEE 92
(SG Castle Rock Cleveland Sage +*B x CH CRF Castle Rock Moon River )

I really like how this boy looks on the move, and just couldn't resist keeping a buck out of Moon Beam this year- she's holding up beautifully and has such a nicely shaped udder. Scotty is very dairy, with good spring of rib, and a strong front end assembly.

We do offer stud service at a rate of $100 for Moon Raker, $75 for any of our other bucks per doe bred. Cleveland is no longer available to outside does. It is up to you to decide who you would like to have your doe bred to- I already have my hands full figuring out my own breeding schedule. The breeding fee will cover two seperate visits for breedings, and there will be a $20 service charge if your doe takes more than two tries to get bred to help compensate for my time. This is why it is important that your doe be up on her minerals when you come to have her serviced (read the last paragraph for more on that). I've decided to not offer outside boarding service due to concerns over biosecurity. For the time being, we will continue to offer driveway breeding services, which means that you need to keep track of when your doe is coming into heat so you can bring her at the appropriate time. If you do not have a buck, it does help to have a "buck rag" (that would be some sort of cloth that has been rubbed on a buck to collect their oh-so-dreamy aroma, this rag is best kept in a tightly sealed jar or plastic bag) you can present to your doe to see how she reacts. Flagging (vigorus tail wagging), mucous discharge, extra vocalizations, swollen and/or extra pink lady parts, ridding other goats, or allowing oneself to be ridden by other goats, are all signs that your doe is in heat. Does can be in heat for anywhere from 12 hours (unusual) to two or three days, with heats much more obvious during the fall, though Nigerians are year-round breeders. They usually come into heat every 18 to 21 days, though some have shorter cycles; if you have a doe coming into heat every five to seven days, that is called "short-cycling" and seems to be caused by either mineral imbalance or ovarian cysts. When this is happening, it is quite unlikely that the doe will settle.

Does brought for breeding must have proof of a recent (within 30 days) negative CAE test.  No exceptions. Please try to be on time for your appointment, or call me as soon as you know you are going to be late so I can try to rearrange my plans accordingly. If you show up late for your appointment and it is around a meal time, you will get to experience the full pleasure of watching me eat that meal before we attend to your animal(s), because I have already eaten way too many cold meals due to people being late.

Please call ahead to check and make sure that we are going to be around when your doe is expected to come into heat so we can try to accomodate your schedule. Be prepared to be the one holding your doe while the buck is servicing her-- does who do not live near bucks may be a bit "spooked" by the buck when seeing him for the first time and want to run away. You are responsible for keeping her within range of the buck, as I will have my hands full as it is with him (not because they are aggressive, which they aren't, but because they have a low center of gravity and are remarkably strong when they want to go somewhere).

A note about breeding your does: In order to be fertile, goats need to have a good mineral balance in their systems, with the two most important minerals for fertility being copper and selenium. At a minimum, your doe should have a free choice loose goat mineral available to consume at all times. We prefer Sweetlix Goat Minerals, and have found that Bar-Ale makes a decent one as well; our goats won't consume enough of the Purina Goat Mineral to make a difference in their systems. A sheep and goat mineral will not do as there will be no copper in it (toxic to sheep), but goats MUST have copper. Even with a loose mineral available to our goats 24/7, we have found the need to supplement with copper bolusing and BO-SE (a selenium/vitamin E shot) at least a couple of times a year. If your doe has a rough terrier-type texture to her coat, the liklihood of her settling is much lower, as this is a sign of mineral (usually copper) deficiency. It has been my experience that weak heats are also a sign of mineral deficiency, and that as the mineral balance gets better, their signs of heat get much stronger. Another way to judge if your doe is mineral deficient is to look at pictures of her from when she was a kid- is she significantly lighter than as a kid? That is also a sign of deficiency. If your gold kid is white as a mature adult, or your black doe is turning brown, there is a really good chance that she needs some extra minerals before you take a drive up to our farm.

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